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SX update...not good news for now...

Hey all..

Just to keep everyone posted...I'm having problems with my SX164 (nothing
fatal).  In short, I've got no working SCSI adapter for this thing.  The
ones I have here don't seem to behave and want to map themselves outside
of the driver's addressable range.  Short of rewriting the driver, I've
got no option but to order a new one, which I don't have any money for :-(

Soooo...I'm stuck without an Alpha for the next few weeks (minimum).  I'm
going to try to get the UDB back up since it still has the Barracuda
attached that I was going to move over to the new box.

If anyone hears of a decent SCSI adapter for < $35 American (yeah, I know,
good luck), let me know :-)


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