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Re: AS255: UW SCSI, sound, video, kernel

Alex Winbow wrote:

>         To bring this back to the Alpha, doesn't x86 kernel support for a
> scsi driver imply Alpha (and SPARC and MIPS and ...) support?

	Ehh, not hardly!

	IA32 = little endian, 32 bit words

	Alpha = big endian, 64 bit words

	Sparc = big endian, 32 bit words

	Sparc64 = big endian, 64 bit words

	Mips = bi-endian, not sure about word length. Yeah, my Magnum 4000 can
run in either big or little endian mode. And I understand that a great
deal of the Mips code is r2/3000 class, which is definately 32 bit. 

	So, no. Not all linux code works on all systems. XFree86 is a good
example. How many servers work on Alpha as compared to x86?

 - Eric

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