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[no subject] 圣诞狂欢订机票送礼品 Message incompatible avec le système de messagerie Re: [debian-sparc] Sun Ultra 1, Happy Meal Ethernet and 2.4.18 [HELP] [PORT] sparc vs sparc5 vs ultrasparc? [OT] Re: Fixed X Debian Packages For Allocation Bug #280384 Re: ALSA Driver for Sparc DBRI chips Boot on RAID1 brutefir ftbfs [sparc] Requires v9|v9a|v9b Bug 280384 (XFree86 Memory NX Bug) Fixed In Unstable Re: Bug#269715: brutefir ftbfs [sparc] Requires v9|v9a|v9b Can't boot Sarge after install on Ultra 30. Cannot boot 2.6.8 kernel from ext3 root partition on Ultra5 Changing ip and hostname, gnome problem debian on a sun enterprise 250 eth5: RX MAC fifo overflow smac[03810400]. fet FTBFS on sparc File does not seem executable Fixed X Debian Packages For Allocation Bug #280384 Re: Information kdegraphics Kernel panic on SPARCstation-20 klogd issue klogd-issue with / size limitation for memory allocation on SMP-kernel lockd testing 2.4.18 Netra AX1105 Install problems Problems with mail not getting through Qmail Question on USV-operation reading Symbol table issue Re: Retail Services Customer Care Message Confirmation (KMM11697966V95183L0KM) Sarge install cd mounting problem Sarge install using dumb terminal problems sarge sparc iso Sarge sparc netinstall rc2 bugs report Serial Terminal Virtual Consoles softdog on ultrasparc? sparc ABI status ? SPARC Boot Issues sudden lockups w/ 2.4.26 on an E450 Sun Sparc Ultra Enterprise 450 Sun Ultra 1, Happy Meal Ethernet and 2.4.18 TMPFS strangeness on U10 U5 - Sarge with d-i rc2 netinstall failure Ultra 30 Sarge boot problem uniques l0l1tas prn s1te allotropic Conrad unsubscribe USB keyboard & mouse on Sun Ultra 5 w/PCI USB card USB Keyboard drives me crazy uses only 10 out of 12 cpus on a E4500, 2.6.9 V120 install issue Re: Various unstable brokenness - X keyboard Various unstable brokenness - X keyboard, dual processor kernel, console Re: Video Encoder for Debian Sparc vim build error on sparc X11 & parallax model 3040 X11 crashing on 2.4.28 XFree crashing on kernel 2.4.28 The last update was on 09:18 GMT Mon May 09. There are 193 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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