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Re: X11 crashing on 2.4.28

   OK, the machine made all the X packages and I installed them with
no problems. It does look like Richard's patch works, in that,
according to the XFree86 log, the loader now correctly loads pcidata,
which goes on to scan the PCI bus as it's supposed to.

   I think it should work with later 2.4 kernels now, although I
haven't tested it. I'm willing to provide the packages I built if
somebody wants to try them, but I can't put them up for ftp (we don't
allow ftp servers here).

   Working with 2.6 kernels is another problem, at least for my
E250. Now startx grinds to a halt with the dreaded "no screens found",
and indeed the log does't have it finding my display adaptor in the
PCI scan. I suspect this is because 2.6 adds domains to the PCI
system, and for totally unexplained reasons, my display adaptor is on
domain 0001 instead of 0000, and it doesn't look like that gets
scanned. But that's for another bug report.

Thank you, Richard. I think it's fixed; we can be more certain once
somebody tests it.


Ron Murray   (rjmx@rjmx.net)
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