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lockd testing 2.4.18


I'm trying to be a NFS client with my Debian testing on a sparc u-5.

Mounting NFS is OK: the mount is then displayed when I type 'mout' after
mounting as root.

The problem is the commad line freeze when attampting to enter and list
the content of the remote directory.
# lsmod
Module       Size  Used by    Not tainted
nfsd         73816   0  (unused)

(you have noticed no lockd)

I have only nfs-common installed, and if I try to modprobe lockd :

# modprobe lockd
modprobe: Can't locate module lockd

# invoke-rc.d nfs-common start
Starting NFS common utilities: statdinvoke-rc.d: initscript nfs-common,
action "start" failed.

What should I do to make this machine to be a working NFS client ?
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