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Re: sudden lockups w/ 2.4.26 on an E450

On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 04:40:22PM +0000, Roger Burton West said:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 11:27:33AM -0500, Mike Edwards wrote:
> >When the box first hangs, I've noticed that it will still respond to ping.
> >In addition, one can connect to ports that are open - however, the services
> >using those ports never respond.
> In my experience that's the hallmark of runaway resource consumption
> under Linux. Is anything useful going into the logs before they lock up
> completely? Are you in a position to track incoming connections to the
> box? Or even just to run top on it and see what's taking resources when
> it freezes?

Nothing useful going into the logs, other than the fork error I noted.
I can track incoming connections to the box, and I can run top.  I'll do

> >Typically, nothing is printed on the console when the lockup occurs.
> >With the last one, though, I found the following message:
> >request_module[net-pf-10]: fork failed, errno 1
> Definitely sounds like resource exhaustion (memory/swap or process
> table).

Would that cause the box to fail to go back to PROM when break is sent?

It seems unlikely that it's memory or swap at fault - I'm not sure swap
was ever touched on this box.  :P  Process table, though... hmmmm.

Thanks, though - you've given me a few things to look at.

> R

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