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Netra AX1105 Install problems


I'm running debian on my Intel systems and due to the fact that it is
great, I wanted to also replace my Solaris 9 on my AX1105.

I downloaded the net install CD both last release and the daily from about
a week ago (that's when I started this)

Booting up was no problem, but when I came to choosing my Country my
keyboard was no use, I was stuck (tried boot PS2 and USB keyboard).
Searched the net and could find nothing.

I then chose to try the install from a serial terminal, again the boot
went fine and when I came to the language selection I was good, but when
it then had to find the install media (my CD-Rom drive) I could not find
it (and I actually booted from it).

So currently I'm stuck and wondering if there is anyone out there that has
some insight that I could use?

The system is an AX1105-500 with 1G memory and IDE. I have the CD-Rom as
my secondary master (no slave) and then two 60GB drives as master and
slave on the primary.

Any help or ideas are more than welcome.

Thanks a bunch,

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