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Re: X11 crashing on 2.4.28

Alright, I have some ridiculously high-bandwidth servers. I can make
you an account on one of them so we can set up a repository to hand
these out to the users involved. Since you already compiled it, why
waste the time?

Let me know if you're interested off-list and I will help you in any
way that I can.

--- Ron Murray <rjmx@rjmx.net> wrote:

>    OK, the machine made all the X packages and I installed them with
> no problems. It does look like Richard's patch works, in that,
> according to the XFree86 log, the loader now correctly loads pcidata,
> which goes on to scan the PCI bus as it's supposed to.
>    I think it should work with later 2.4 kernels now, although I
> haven't tested it. I'm willing to provide the packages I built if
> somebody wants to try them, but I can't put them up for ftp (we don't
> allow ftp servers here).
>    Working with 2.6 kernels is another problem, at least for my
> E250. Now startx grinds to a halt with the dreaded "no screens
> found",
> and indeed the log does't have it finding my display adaptor in the
> PCI scan. I suspect this is because 2.6 adds domains to the PCI
> system, and for totally unexplained reasons, my display adaptor is on
> domain 0001 instead of 0000, and it doesn't look like that gets
> scanned. But that's for another bug report.
> Thank you, Richard. I think it's fixed; we can be more certain once
> somebody tests it.
>  .....Ron
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