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V120 install issue


I am trying to install Debian Linux 3.0_r3 on two Sun Fire V120s.

On one the install works just fine...

On the second the installation stalls, it seems the SCSI bus doesn't work properly:

sym0:0:0: ABORT operation started.
sym0:0:0: ABORT operation timed-out.
sym0:0:0: DEVICE RESET operation started.
sym0:0:0: DEVICE RESET operation timed-out.
sym0:0:0: BUS RESET operation started.
sym0:0:0: BUS RESET operation timed-out.
sym0:0:0: HOST RESET operation started.
sym0: SCSI BUS has been reset.

I have tried the hard disks from one box to the other, and this works fine...

Could it be that somewhere along the line that the firmware for the SCSI chip got updated? If so, how do I go about checking this, and updating it?

Thanks for any help,


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