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Re: X11 crashing on 2.4.28

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 07:45:21PM -0500, Ron Murray wrote:
>    Yep, I agree that you've probably found the problem. After I wrote
> my previous post, I did some poking around with gdb on the XFree86
> executable. I found a sequence of bytes that looked a lot like the
> ones you posted earlier, a little further on than you had (but my
> current copy of XFree86 has lots of debugging code inbuilt). They even
> had a call to malloc() in the middle of them. gdb claimed that the
> code was in the middle of ELFLoadModule(), so I looked, and there it
> was, complete with the same #ifdef you found earlier. I set up the
> patch, started the build, and went home. With any luck, I'll have a
> new (and hopefully functional) set of X packages when I get to work in
> the morning.
>    Only difference was that I didn't turn it on for all Linux, just
> for ia86 and sparc. Wasn't sure whether it was a good idea or not.
>    I'll let everyone know how it went. Thanks for finding it.

I haven't seen followup from you on how it went, but I went ahead and
applied your patch anyway.

Thanks very much to you and the other people who contributed to this bug

Sorry about the red herring I threw out regarding PCI domain issues -- I
didn't mean to lead anyone astray I was just stabbing in the dark.

Expect this to be fixed in 4.3.0.dfsg.1-9, assuming your tests succeeded.

r2043 | branden | 2004-12-02 23:24:44 -0500 (Thu, 02 Dec 2004) | 6 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/debian/CHANGESETS
   M /trunk/debian/TODO
   M /trunk/debian/changelog
   M /trunk/debian/patches/071_nonexecutable_malloced_mem.diff
   M /trunk/debian/patches/600_amd64_support.diff

Apply patch from Richard Mortimer to fix the XFree86 X server's ELF object
loader to set the PROT_EXEC flag on mmap()ed modules regardless of machine
architecture.  (It was already trying to do this, but there are three
preprocessor statements involved, and we were only patching one.)
(Closes: #280384)


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