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RE: X11 crashing on 2.4.28

I have been neglectful in mentioning that this fix for 280384 fixes my
original problem also. Thanks to everybody for fixing it and for
sending me the files so I could post them to my web server.

--- "Jurzitza, Dieter" <DJurzitza@harmanbecker.com> wrote:

> Dear listmembers,
> sorry for the delay. I'd really like to spend more time with the
> sparc issues if I could ;-). 
> Replacing the XFree86 binary that comes with the regular distribution
> with the freshly build one that has been supplied by you solves the
> problem with X on my U60 / SMP / Creator 3d.
> So, it seems to me that my problem has been fixed by Richard (many
> thanks again) and I am looking forward for an official build to
> appear on the net prior to really using 2.4.28, because I do not want
> to get "off sync" with the regular distribution.

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