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Sarge install using dumb terminal problems

Yet another question for this great list!  After much help from everyone I have gotten past the installer bugs and got the base system installed, however when running “Debian Configuration”  I cant tell which options I am selecting on the screen, lot of garbage characters appear and the enter and return keys seem to work ok but transmit a bunch of garbage characters at the end of transmitting a carriage return.  i.e. when I set the root password and try to log in it keep saying my password is incorrect.  I am using a Wyse 60 terminal in VT100 emulation mode.  This setup works fine when maneuvering around in open boot or the installation process of Debain heck it even works with Solaris flawlessly.  I only have this problem running Debian Configuration.  Any ideas?


                                                            Thanks again, JP

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