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Bug 280384 (XFree86 Memory NX Bug) Fixed In Unstable

It appears that the X Strike Force build including the latest SPARC ELF
loader fix from Mr. Mortimer has been inducted into the archive as of
today, 2004-12-13.

I advise everyone to discontinue use of the unofficial 'rjmx' X
packages from my web server and move back to the real versions in
unstable, once you are sure they work. Unless I receive objections from
the community, I will be removing these files in approximately two
weeks' time due to their apparent redundancy.

Until then feel free to continue to download them from
http://www.mhcomputing.net/debian/ . Thank you to the community for
supporting me and others and for giving me the chance to support you as
well by providing these fixed X packages.

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