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Re: Sarge install cd mounting problem

Jurij Smakov wrote:
> The only thing which is pretty much guaranteed is that d-i for sparc is 
> not going to be released in this state :-). More seriously though, fixed 
> linux-kernel-di-sparc (version 0.62) has been uploaded yesterday and will 
> become available (in unstable) with today's mirror pulse. I am not too 
> familiar with the building procedures, but I would expect that the working 
> sid_d-i daily installer images [0] will include it tomorrow, and 
> "normal" (sarge_d-i) daily builds should pick it up in ~10 days, when it 
> propagates into sarge.

Correct on all points except for sarge propigation. That will happen
manually after I'm sure that it a) fixes the problem on sparc32 b)
doesn't break anything else.

see shy jo

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