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Re: USB keyboard & mouse on Sun Ultra 5 w/PCI USB card

After many attempts at trying to disable Sun KB & mouse support in the 
Debian-supplied 2.4.27 source, nothing worked.  First of all, with kernel 
2.4.27, there are no options for Sun KB & mouse support listed in xconfig.  
One has to manually edit .config to change these settings.

Even after manually editing .config, I found that my settings were put back to 
monolithic support for the Sun KB & mouse, presumably by the file 


which has some lines like "define_boolean CONFIG_SUN_KEYBOARD=y" etc. etc..  I 
changed these to "define_tristate CONFIG_SUN_KEYBOARD=m" etc. etc., and the 
compile failed exactly when looking for a routine called 
"handle_keyboard_event" or something similar.  

So apparently, the sparc64 port of the 2.4.27 kernel does NOT like to have Sun 
KB & mouse support disabled.  

I then downloaded the 2.6.8 kernel source from Debian, and lo and behold! Sun 
KB & mouse support are configurable from xconfig (kconfig).  So I compiled up 
a lean, mean 2.6.8 kernel with Sun KB & mouse support as modules.  The 
compile went fine, but now I have a new problem, as explained in my new post,

"Cannot boot 2.6.8 kernel from ext3 root partition on Ultra5"

> Disable support for the sun keyboard or build it as a module but don't
> load it.

BTW, Is there a way I can add something to, e.g., modules.conf (or one of the 
manual tweak files since modules.conf is auto-generated) in order to tell the 
kernel, "never load the Sun keyboard module, even if you find a Sun keyboard 

Thanks again.


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