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Re: USB keyboard & mouse on Sun Ultra 5 w/PCI USB card

> For the life of me, I cannot get the sparc to accept input from either the USB 
> keyboard (Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro) or the USB mouse (Kensington 
> Expert Mouse Pro).
What programs have you tried?  What results did you get?

> the CD-RW drive shows up just fine.  Thus the USB subsystem appears to be 
> functioning in general.  On bootup, I also get plenty of messages indicating 
> that the kernel found a USB keyboard and mouse.  Under the double lines below 
> is an excerpt from 'dmesg' that looks relevant to me.
> Does anyone out there know how to get a Sun Ultra 5 to accept input from a 
> PC104 USB keyboard and a USB mouse?  Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
The above info and the output of /proc/bus/usb/devices (or wherever you
mount usbdevfs) and kernel / tool version numbers would probably be
useful for anyone trying to help.

 - Martin
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