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Re: eth5: RX MAC fifo overflow smac[03810400].

Magosányi Árpád wrote:


My netra T1

hmm, so this is a Netra T1.

szoketto:~# uname -a
Linux szoketto 2.6.9 #1 SMP Tue Nov 2 14:14:14 UTC 2004 sparc64

And I see an SMP kernel...

Aren't T1s uniprocessor machines ?

That may not be why you have that problem, but it should not hurt to have jsut what you need in your kernel.

eth5: Sun GEM (PCI) 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet 00:03:ba:0f:be:95 PHY ID: 437421, addr: 1 eth5: Found Generic MII PHY
ifdown/ifup makes the problem disappear.

does that mean that if you do that the machine doesn't hang anymore, or that just the interface stops working and doing that return things to normal ?


Nicolas Will

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