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Re: debian on a sun enterprise 250

Title: debian on a sun enterprise 250
The light comes on only when I boot into Linux on the E250 I have.  I don't have the blinking during post.  I am going to try to patch it with a file that Eric Brower gave me.  I haven't installed it yet.  You may want to do a check on the machine if it is giving you this light during post.  Mine is all off through that stage and comes on and stays on after booting to Linux.  There are probably others here with more knowledge on it than I.  I will post my results on the patch, if I don't screw the machine up doing it.  Thanks again Eric.
Shawn Huston
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Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] debian on a sun enterprise 250

i've already posted this on debian-user@lists.debian.org and was advised to post it here. please forgive duplication, if you've already received this message.

i've recently taken over sysadmin duties for a sun enterprise 250 running debian. the 250's has frontpanels LEDs, and one on this machine, the general fault LED, burns constant yellow. online documentation for the hardware at http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/General/LEDs/E250_LEDs.html says:

This yellow LED blinks slowly while the system runs its power-on self-test (POST) diagnostics and blinks rapidly during OpenBoot diagnostic (OBDiag) tests. It lights steadily when any fault is detected (including a fault also reported by any other LED).

Q: could this be a normal state for enterprise 250s running debian? or is the LED truly reporting that a fault has been detected?


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