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Re: Kernel panic on SPARCstation-20

Am Montag, 13. Dezember 2004 00:17 schrieb Greg Gilmour:
> I know the ISO I have works because I have been able to successfully
> boot/install Woody 3.0rc1 on a Ultra1 and an Ultra2 with no problems
> (the U1 even had a floppy in it, but never used it to boot from).
> I've also tried passing arguments to SILO upon boot ("linux
> root=/dev/sdb" or "linux root=/dev/scd0", etc) with no difference.

Did you try any Sarge installer CD?

> On an unrelated note, there are two frame buffers on this SS-20:  one
> built-in (not sure what it is) and a CG6 SBus card.  "stdout-path" lists
> the CG6 but I am unable to find where the built-in frame buffer is so I
> can set it (I'm only vaguely familiar with OBP).

The built-in framebuffer is a cg14 (SG) but you need a special vsimm (4MB or 
8MB) to use it. However, it has the advantage of more (and higher) 
resolutions than the cg6 and 24bit color depth (cg6 is only 8bit). The cg14 
is automatically the default when available.


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