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Re: U5 - Sarge with d-i rc2 netinstall failure

Apparently joshk (one of the rare sparclinux gurus, at that) thinks
that the cramfs error there has been fixed. I believe D-I initrd uses
cramfs in the initrd.img file. So probably the file is munged or the
driver is wedged.

Either way, I'd advise Mr. Will to perhaps try daily builds on CDRW
until it works right. Frankly, it's a crappy solution but it's probably
the quickest one there is.

I do agree with everything else you said in your message. I think you
are spot on. The initrd is hosed. Perhaps if my own brain weren't hosed
this morning when I was writing the post, I would have made some better
observations, eh?

--- Jurij Smakov <jurij@wooyd.org> wrote:

<<Now, there are clearly two distinct problems here. One is the hard
drive problem, another one is the failure to load initrd into ramdisk.
The latter one is (IMO) more serious, since the initrd image is clearly
loaded into memory by silo, but later kernel fails to find it. I don't
remember having seen that kind of failure before.>>

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