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klogd-issue with System.map / size limitation for memory allocation on SMP-kernel

Dear listmembers,
If this is a bounce - sorry - it seemed to be impossible to get that email to the list!
a new week, (propably ...) new luck. I used to ask for the (apparent) klogd - issue. After some debugging work I figured out (by the help of Richard Mortimer) that I am hitting on a SMP problem. The allocation of sufficient memory for reading System.map fails. The error happens within the function sys_get_kernel_symbols.

I had been wrongly looking into linux/kernel/modules.c at first, but today I modified linux/arch/sparc64/kernel/sys_sparc32.c, and I found it.

What I found is that the allocation works up to 1820 elements of the size 72 Bytes, however, we would need a tiny little more (1843 in my case, please take a look into the attachement).

Nevertheless: I cannot understand this, this must be related to some limitations to - well, to what? I want 132696 byte of ram, but get only 1820*72=131040. Am I right to assume a limit 2^17 here - for whatever reason I do not know.

Please take a look into the attached excerpt of /var/log/messages and the patch I have been integrating into linux/arch/sparc64/kernel/sys_sparc32.c

Can this be modified by changing some kernel parameters? Where does this limitation stem from?
Many thanks for any inputs,
take care

Dieter Jurzitza



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