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Re: Cannot boot 2.6.8 kernel from ext3 root partition on Ultra5


I wrote:

>> With this, the kernel can't even load the initrd, as it is on a disk.
>Wrong. PROM calls allow SILO to load the initrd from the disk into 
>memory, just as it does with the kernel. That is the whole point of initrd.

OK, I'm wrong. And I even missed the point that Daniels Ultra 5 is running
Sarge, my Ultra is still on Woody where booting is a bit simpler.

>The rest of the modules you noted as missing benefit from the initial
>ramdisk hack. The problem is that for some reason Daniel doesn't have 
>any working initrds. Daniel, could you attach "ls -l /boot" from your 

Perhaps his /boot was simply full? There were an awful lot of modules
listed. But....wouldn't it be simpler to just compile the stuff in and
be done with it? I mean, I understand why the installation kernel relays
on initrd, but for a tuned, self compiled kernel, this isn't necessary.

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