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Re: XFree crashing on kernel 2.4.28

Jurij Smakov wrote:

Branden Robinson of the Debian's X Strike Force (XFS) mentioned the bug #225526, which might be the same problem, according to him. Presumably, this bug should be fixed by the following commit to the XFS' SVN repository:

 * Apply patch from David Mosberger that replaces
   the fix for #225526 with one that works on systems
   that do not have a PCI bus numbered 0.  Thanks,
   David!  (Closes: #279436)

The ultimate test would be to build the packages from the SVN source and test it on the machines, which are affected. I'll try to arrange the build, but it can take a while, since I do not have access to any decent Ultra hardware.

Colour me doubtful about this as a fix. Its bug report has an XFree86.log that actually appears to scan the PCI bus, then does lots of other things before reporting "no screens found". In contrast, both the logs from the originator of this thread and the XFree86.log in bug #280384 show the crash occurring immediately after loading the pcidata module, with no attempt to scan the PCI bus. That is also my experience, as evidenced by the log in my own post to bug #280384. They don't look like the same problem to me at all.

That said, if somebody can tell me how to extract sources with this patch, I'm willing to try compiling it. Only takes the machine six hours these days :-)


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