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Re: Serial Terminal Virtual Consoles

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Parvu <jparvu@comcast.net> writes:

    Jason>             Does anyone how would I switch consoles
    Jason> (Ctrl-Alt-F2, etc) from a serial terminal or is this
    Jason> possible.  I am using a wyse-60 terminal and it has no alt
    Jason> key?

This is not possible. The serial 'console' (note 'console', not 'consoles')
is ONE console (and that's where you have your ... eh, well 'console' - read:
terminal/shell/whatnot :).

What happens when you use Alt-Fx, is that it connects to 'tty[0-9]' where a
'getty' (see /etc/inittab: lines (usually) starting with a number, not a letter).
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