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Account Information Confirmation atmelwlandriver_2.1.1-4_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED autogen_5.5.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-4_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bbconf_1.10-6_sparc.changes REJECTED bblaunch segfault patch bbpager_0.3.1-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED bmxvhimaz,A new hot otc st0ck for all of you Broken Package gdesklets Bug#102206: marked as done (libextutils-f77-perl: unindented list in description) Bug#104719: marked as done (Build failure on hppa (at least)) Bug#104835: marked as done (Build failure on hppa (at least)) Bug#105323: marked as done (can't build on arm) Bug#105554: marked as done ([hurd] doesn't build) Bug#106436: marked as done (grmonitor_0.81-2(unstable): missing build-depends or spurious #include) Bug#112987: marked as done ([PATCH] Incorrect dependency on perl-5.6-base) Bug#114179: marked as done (weblint: Handling of DOCTYPE) Bug#114501: marked as done (Package is uninstallable: depends on non-existent package sphinx2-hmm-6k) Bug#118793: marked as done (xpvm: broken clean target in debian/rules) Bug#119433: marked as done (sphinx2 doesn't build from source) Bug#123203: marked as done ([i386] invalid compressed format, system halted) Bug#123697: marked as done (nitpic_0.1-8.1(unstable/i386): fails to build from source with modern X) Bug#123894: marked as done (libsphinx2g0: new version) Bug#126490: marked as done (inprecise build dependencies) Bug#127162: marked as done (nitpic: Build failure with g++ 3.0 (hppa/unstable)) Bug#127923: marked as done (libctk3-dev appears to depend on libctk-dev) Bug#128058: guppi-gnumeric crashes Bug#128058: marked as done (guppi-gnumeric crashes) Bug#132507: marked as done (aeromail: updated French template file) Bug#133354: marked as done (please add build-depends) Bug#134569: marked as done (loadlin.exe broken) Bug#134583: marked as done (libextutils-f77-perl: syntax in package description) Bug#134805: marked as done (xmms-singit_0.1.17-1 fails to autobuild on m68k) Bug#136506: marked as done (Plugins missing.) Bug#137486: marked as done (loadlin.exe trouble) Bug#138321: marked as done (russian debconf template file [aeromail]) Bug#140608: marked as done (boot-floppies: Crc error (woody bf2.4)) Bug#142421: marked as done (boot-floppies: bf2.4 flavor fails at uncompressing linux.bin) Bug#142949: marked as done (atftp_0.6.1(hppa/unstable): missing build-depends: libwrap-dev) Bug#147218: marked as done (atftpd: Minor typo ('reveived') in logging information...) Bug#148684: marked as done (xmms-singit: xmms startup failed with xmms-singit-0.1.18) Bug#150071: marked as done (Problems with Debconf templates) Bug#150235: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of libctk on i386) Bug#150254: marked as done (weblint: wrong webpage in manpage) Bug#151319: marked as done (xkbd doesn't work with sawfish) Bug#151319: xkbd doesn't work with sawfish Bug#151870: marked as done (xitalk crashes if you click on 3rd user) Bug#151870: xitalk crashes if you click on 3rd user Bug#153038: marked as done (atftpd: default blocksize and tsize) Bug#157477: marked as done (libextutils-f77-perl: binary-arch Vs Architecture: all) Bug#157520: marked as done (libextutils-f77-perl: REAMDE.Debian has information that belongs to debian/copyright) Bug#157543: marked as done (libapache-dbilogger-perl: debian/copyright problems) Bug#157582: marked as done (libextutils-f77-perl: debian/copyright problems) Bug#159193: marked as done (Please remove dependency to libstorable-perl) Bug#162836: marked as done (erroneous description in control file) Bug#163098: marked as done (loadlin: Upgrade to 1.6c) Bug#164138: marked as done (aeromail: debconf choice should be "Cyrus", not "cyrus") Bug#165999: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of python-bsddb3 on i386) Bug#166346: marked as done (xstroke_0.5.12-ma5-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends) Bug#168447: marked as done (python-bsddb3 depends on python 2.1, not 2.2) Bug#170467: marked as done (Missing manpage) Bug#171082: marked as done (postinst fails for xemacs21) Bug#171082: speedbar-beta and xemacs21 Bug#171222: marked as done (speedbar fails on post-install (unstable)) Bug#171222: speedbar-beta and xemacs21 Bug#171381: marked as done (xstroke_0.5.12-ma5-2.1(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: needs flex) Bug#172336: marked as done (bbdate segfaults on startup) Bug#172923: marked as done (kiss: Kiss is completely broken) Bug#174032: marked as done (splay: man page doesnt mention -vv -vvv) Bug#174738: marked as done (aeromail: Danish template translation) Bug#174883: marked as done (aeromail: spanish template updated) Bug#176776: marked as done (Aspect ratio problems) Bug#177265: marked as done (slides-doc: The HTML version of the presentations is not available) Bug#177535: Suggestions for resolution of 177535 Bug#178893: marked as done (gnucash: Documentation should be in, or linked to, /usr/share/doc/gnucash) Bug#180461: Transfer error with many clients Bug#181141: marked as done (xstroke: segmentation fault on start) Bug#181796: marked as done (atftpd: typo ('nobdy') in tftpd usage message) Bug#182168: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#182461: marked as done (rdiff-backup: python coding errors) Bug#185372: marked as done (python-bsddb3: Must depend on particular version of python, as per Python Policy.) Bug#186852: marked as done (elza: New upstream version (1.4.4) ) Bug#187662: marked as done (xmms-singit: many problems, doesn't work) Bug#187990: marked as done (xmms-singit: All displayer-plugins fail to load) Bug#188230: marked as done (bug in xtrlock) Bug#188392: marked as done (newspost: incorrect posting of extra headers) Bug#188901: marked as done (cd-circleprint: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#189697: marked as done (fda: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#189711: marked as done (flin: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#190118: Update to bug Bug#191057: marked as done (elza: http requests generated end lines with \n instead of \r\n) Bug#191224: marked as done (weblint throws error messages -- seems to work all right) Bug#192093: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: x-ttcidfont-font causes OpenOffice to crash) Bug#192097: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: x-ttcidfont-font causes OpenOffice to crash) Bug#194825: marked as done (FTBFS in pbuilder) Bug#194857: marked as done (gnucash: Segfault on Startup) Bug#195447: marked as done (libarr: FTBFS with gcc-3.3: Varargs problems) Bug#195886: marked as done (FTBFS (unstable/all): Fails to unpack source archive during build) Bug#196283: marked as done (Compiled against old version of id3lib) Bug#196334: marked as done (xstroke: FTBFS: `XK_ISO_Lock' undeclared) Bug#196403: marked as done (grmonitor: FTBFS with gcc-3.3: Invalid preprocessor pasting) Bug#197284: marked as done (newspost: New release 2.1.1 since May 5th, 2003) Bug#198005: marked as done (avview: Several new upstream releases) Bug#198223: marked as done (atftp: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates) Bug#198582: marked as done (aeromail: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates) Bug#198753: marked as done (Please add XHTML support to weblint) Bug#199875: marked as done (Allow output to a filename other than 'Makefile') Bug#201053: marked as done (atmelwlandriver_2.1.1-3.1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: bad build-depends) Bug#202717: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: xserver rejects truetype fontpath) Bug#202884: marked as done (Depends on unavailable version of glibc) Bug#204702: marked as done (python-bsddb3: no python2.3 version available) Bug#205992: marked as done (xkbd FTBFS - automake1.5 has been removed) Bug#206252: Confirmed in 13.4-3 Bug#206552: marked as done (xmms-singit: (m68k/unstable) FTBFS: missing build-depends) Bug#207595: marked as done (iceme: doesn't install without python2.2) Bug#208114: marked as done (icepref: Need to update depends for pygtk transition) Bug#208115: marked as done (iceme: Need to update depends for pygtk transition) Bug#208179: marked as done (python-xlib: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#208370: marked as done (iceme: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#208376: marked as done (crash on click on "Lyrics not found") Bug#209040: marked as done (atmelwlandriver_2.1.1-3.2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: build target does nothing) Bug#209763: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209903: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209931: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209948: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#210558: marked as done (elza: FTBFS: Cannot create symbolic link) Bug#210971: marked as done (libelysium_0.99.9-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends?) Bug#211307: marked as done (libapache-mod-fastcgi: request; build for apache2) Bug#212290: marked as done (Build-depends cannot be satisfied in unstable) Bug#216534: marked as done (mmake: dependency on essential package) Bug#220064: marked as done (libopts9: Library contains undefined symbols) Bug#220093: marked as done (39 packages unnecessarily still use "Bugs: debbugs://") Bug#224415: marked as done (nqxml: Build-Depends-Indep: debhelper where Build-Depends appropriate) Bug#225765: marked as done (varmon doesn't work with devfs) Bug#227387: marked as done ([ libarr override disparity]) Bug#229732: marked as done (encompass: Does not start) Bug#229934: marked as done (spong-www: rdd not integrated) Bug#229965: marked as done (spong-www: rdd domain directories have incorrect permissions set) Bug#229966: marked as done (spong-www: incorrect domain rrd link) Bug#229998: marked as done (spong-www: unnecessary gifs) Bug#232753: marked as done (Half-broken dependency on emacs20) Bug#232793: marked as done (Half-broken dependency on emacs20) Bug#238068: marked as done (mmenu: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#238279: marked as done (xkbd: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#238530: marked as done (what about xfce4-weather-plugin? :-)) Bug#238625: marked as done (xstroke: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#239473: marked as done (xfce4-clipman-plugin_0.11-3(unstable/arm/netwinder): needs libtool update for arm) Bug#240375: marked as done (FTBFS: unsatisfiable build-depends) Bug#240568: marked as done (xkbd: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing) Bug#240992: This is a feature request rather than a bug... Bug#241371: marked as done (gbuffy: crashes after adding new mailbox) Bug#241371: pending upload for gbuffy? Bug#241372: marked as done (gbuffy: crashes after adding new mailbox) Bug#243501: lush Bug#243501: [Lush-devel] Status of lush ia64 bug Bug#245635: marked as forwarded (rdiff-backup can't backup files larger than 2GB incrementally) Bug#245972: marked as done (spong-client: Spong HTTP check does not set User-Agent Header) Bug#246486: attempts to fix Bug#246486: Debian roleplaying package Bug#249400: marked as done (FTBFS: amd64 missing in Architecture list) Bug#249740: marked as done (FTBFS: Out of date aclocal.m4 inter alia) Bug#249777: marked as done (semi: prevents gnus-bonus-el package from configuring) Bug#249777: semi: prevents gnus-bonus-el package from configuring Bug#250127: marked as done ([l10:ca] catalan debconf templates) Bug#251768: bbconf 1.10-3 still ftbfs on sparc Bug#251768: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends libxt-dev Bug#251768: ftbfs [sparc] missing X libraries Bug#251768: marked as done (FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends libxt-dev) Bug#251768: pbuilder duplicates bug Bug#253057: More information Bug#253717: atftpd fails to work with 3com PXE card 3c509c-txm Bug#253717: Possible workaround Bug#254109: marked as done (bbconf_1.10-1.1(unstable/arm/elara): needs libtool update for arm) Bug#255935: marked as done (IOError: [Errno 24] Too many open files:) Bug#255955: Accepted mmake 2.2.1-4 (all source) Bug#255955: Clarification of Bug#255955: copyright for mmail 2.3 Bug#255955: marked as done (mmake does not include a copyright file that actually includes the copyright of mmake) Bug#255955: marked as done (upstream contain copying documents but not as comments in source code files) Bug#255955: [ Re: Accepted mmake 2.2.1-4 (all source)] Bug#255955: reopen Bug#258365: marked as done (type missmatch CascadeB.c and CascadeBG.c of Xm-2.1) Bug#258822: marked as done (web2png: man page missing option letters) Bug#259258: gnucash: Crashes on startup - guile problem Bug#259258: marked as done (gnucash: Crashes on startup - guile problem) Bug#261285: Czech translation for lirc (corrected) Bug#261829: package is unusable in its current state Bug#262905: diskless: [INTL:da] Danish debconf-po translation Bug#263018: refers to wrong path for documentation Bug#263200: Cannot setup tftp/pxe server for i386 and alpha Bug#263221: Please package newer version of atftpd Bug#263265: nitpic: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: default arguments are only permitted for function parameters Bug#263319: marked as done (gnucash: Package not installable) Bug#263594: cannot uninstall xlibs due to broken speedbar-beta dependency Bug#263594: marked as done (cannot uninstall xlibs due to broken speedbar-beta dependency) Bug#263706: [INTL:nl] New Dutch po-debconf translation Bug#263825: sphinx2: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: conflicting types for 'initialize' Re: Bug#264026 acknowledged by developer (Bug#264026: fixed in dia2code 0.8.1-4) Bug#264026: dia2code: FTBFS Bug#264026: marked as done (dia2code: FTBFS) Bug#264172: FTBFS, error in .orig.tar.gz Bug#264172: marked as done (xwave: FTBFS: *orig.tar.gz sets 2755 permissions) Bug#264172: xwave: FTBFS: *orig.tar.gz sets 2755 permissions Bug#264173: xtrlock: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement Bug#264459: bblaunch segfaults under Fedora Core 2 (patch) Bug#264473: filerunner: frcolor and frftp refer to missing wish8.0 binary Bug#264778: gtk-menu: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: storage size of 'action' isn't known Bug#265102: libctk: FTBFS: Error regenerating configure scripts. Bug#265102: marked as done (libctk: FTBFS: Error regenerating configure scripts.) Bug#265288: add support for iso-8859-1 Bug#265426: lush: FTBFS on amd64: Please add 'amd64' to the supported architectures Bug#265426: marked as done (lush: FTBFS on amd64: Please add 'amd64' to the supported architectures) Bug#265448: 3dwm: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: `Math::tolerance' cannot appear in a constant-expression Bug#265968: acknowledged by developer (Inproper command?) Bug#265968: marked as done (rdiff-backup: Can't restore incremental backups) Bug#265968: rdiff-backup: Can't restore incremental backups Bug#266285: elza: README.Debian suggests 'libnet-socks-perl' which is not in sid Bug#266329: asks at high priority about configuring, but follows with medium proority questions Bug#266765: FTBFS: unsatisfiable build-dependencies Bug#266765: marked as done (FTBFS: unsatisfiable build-dependencies) Bug#266809: alloc: invalid block Bug#266977: xfce4-notes-plugin: Feature request: Escape hides the note Bug#266978: xfce4-notes-plugin: Feature request: transparency Bug#267076: xtrlock: [patch] could use different colors to show status Bug#267671: xbuffy: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#267802: autogen: aclocal-1.8 warns about autoopts.m4 Bug#267811: libglade0-dev: aclocal-1.8 warns about libglade.m4 Bug#267927: marked as done (ppxp: FTBFS on i386) Bug#267927: ppxp: FTBFS on i386 Bug#268342: raidtools are started after checkfs is run Bug#268449: Updated Danish po-debconf translation Bug#268496: 3dwm-server: Incorrect use of "it's" in package description Bug#268503: epic4-script-thirdeye: Incorrect use of "it's" in package description Bug#268664: dosemu: config.dosbanner can't be turned off Bug#268664: marked as done (dosemu: config.dosbanner can't be turned off) Bug#268675: marked as done (snacc_1.3bbn-5 (testing): fails to build) Bug#268675: snacc_1.3bbn-5 (testing): fails to build Bug#268746: Close the bug please. Bug#268746: lirc and irman: strange error message Bug#268746: marked as done (lirc and irman: strange error message) Bug#269137: libguppi16: utf8 strings does not handled correctly Bug#37846: marked as done (Shouldn't raidtools be statically linked?) Bug#46179: marked as done (weblint complains about <!--comment-->) Bug#61487: marked as done (loadlin: request to remove freeramdisk (will go in util-linux)) Bug#66956: marked as done (weblint: no WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes in html 2.0) Bug#71953: marked as done ([Sparc] [HELP!] Bus error/bad buffersize) Bug#94688: marked as done (sphinx2: config.guess/config.sub need to be updated) Bug#98798: marked as done (failed autobuild of xmms-singit_0.1.13-1 (m68k): missing libglib1.2-dev build-depends (perhaps more)) Bug#98869: marked as done (autobuild fails (on arm)) Chamadas para Telefones via Internet Check out my free webcam today only :) children,St0ckmarket Small-cap Profile Congratulations Cristen Hot Week Picker, VCSC! Don't Miss It 2ber crypt,The Next Grand SlamSt0ck dia2code_0.8.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED dia2code_0.8.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Dis.counted Autodesk, Corel, XP, Adobe, software for sale - Debian-ipv6-request poi amman dual Get All Pills. Everything Here. fatigue elza_1.4.3-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Feel better Re: flashed in him that forgot a file? freehoo_2.0.0-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Gay Chat Subscription packages,你好!为您的项目提供融资 the installation of lunux keep getting stuck Get a free home finanance quote -paranoiac Get meds gif2png_2.4.7-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnucash_1.8.9-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gnucash-docs_1.8.4-4_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gtk-menu_0.0.0.cvs20010710-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gtktalog_1.0.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED gupsc_0.3.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gupsc override disparity gwrapguile_1.3.4-12_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Happiness News hostapd_0.1.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED hostap-driver_0.1.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED hypochlorous looking for me/dications sh<ipping worldwide? must if-transition_1-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED int-fiction-installer_1.5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED おはようございます。 山下です。 ¢ÒÂáÅЫ×éÍ·Õè´Ô¹ It's True kernellab_0.2.6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED kiss_0.21-7_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libarr_0.1-52_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libclass-multimethods-perl_1.70-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libclass-multimethods-perl_1.70-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libclass-multimethods-perl override disparity libctk_3.0.24.5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libctk_3.0.24.6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libofx_0.6.6-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libquantum-entanglement-perl_0.25-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libquantum-entanglement-perl_0.25-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libquantum-entanglement-perl override disparity libquantum-superpositions-perl_1.03-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libquantum-superpositions-perl_1.03-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libquantum-superpositions-perl override disparity lush_1.0+cvs.2004.05.15_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED lush_1.0+cvs.2004.05.16_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED macrosystem_0.51-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED macrosystem_0.51-6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED macrosystem override disparity Re:Mail Delivery (failure masqdialer_0.5.5-8_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Meds On-line mmake_2.2.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED mmake_2.2.1-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED mmenu_0.8.2-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Need someone to talk to? newspost_2.1.1-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED newspost_2.1-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED nfs-user-server_2.2beta47-18_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED No place like home noteedit_2.7.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED noteedit_2.7.1-2_sparc.changes ACCEPTED now I forgot ... opendb_0.62p6-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Re: Re: Order Inquiry ID: 29167 Outdated packages for contrib/non-free RE: Own a phone and computer? $Dinero$ Please check out my webcam, please remove ia64 lush binary package ppxp_0.2001080415-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED ppxp_0.2001080415-10_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED preferences_1.2.100-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Press release Processed: bbconf 1.10-3 still ftbfs on sparc Processed: bug I checked out and am tracking Processed: can't be replicated Processed: change submitter email address Processed: clean state Processed: close bug Processed: close fixed bug Processed: confirmed Processed: correct state Processed: de-tag Processed: dia2code: FTBFS Processed: downgrade Processed: eek! Processed: forwarded Processed: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends libxt-dev Processed: ftbfs [sparc] missing X libraries Processed: important bugs Processed: lower priority Processed: more severe Processed: Need more information Processed: not a bug Processed: not "important" Processed: not important, normal Processed: please delete distributed-net-pproxy Processed: reassign Processed: Re: Bug#240992: This is a feature request rather than a bug... Processed: Re: Bug#268664: dosemu: config.dosbanner can't be turned off Processed: Re: FTBFS, error in .orig.tar.gz Processed: rename title Processed: reopen Processed: reopen 249777 Processed: reopening bug Processed: Re: package is unusable in its current state Processed: reprioritize Processed: retitle Processed: screwed up retiteling Processed: severity Processed: severity of 224137 is critical Processed: Suggestions for resolution of 177535 Processed: tagging 188230 Processed: tagging 224137 Processed: This is a feature request rather than a bug... Processed: your mail Processing of atmelwlandriver_2.1.1-4_powerpc.changes Processing of autogen_5.5.5-3_i386.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-2_powerpc.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-3_powerpc.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-4_powerpc.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-5_powerpc.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-6_powerpc.changes Processing of bbconf_1.10-6_sparc.changes Processing of bbpager_0.3.1-3_powerpc.changes Processing of dia2code_0.8.1-4_i386.changes Processing of dia2code_0.8.1-5_i386.changes Processing of elza_1.4.3-5_powerpc.changes Processing of freehoo_2.0.0-2_powerpc.changes Processing of gif2png_2.4.7-3_i386.changes Processing of gnucash_1.8.9-3_powerpc.changes Processing of gnucash-docs_1.8.4-4_powerpc.changes Processing of gtk-menu_0.0.0.cvs20010710-3_powerpc.changes Processing of gtktalog_1.0.4-2_i386.changes Processing of gupsc_0.3.1-4_i386.changes Processing of gwrapguile_1.3.4-12_powerpc.changes Processing of hostapd_0.1.3-2_i386.changes Processing of hostap-driver_0.1.3-3_i386.changes Processing of if-transition_1-2_powerpc.changes Processing of int-fiction-installer_1.5_powerpc.changes Processing of kernellab_0.2.6_powerpc.changes Processing of kiss_0.21-7_powerpc.changes Processing of libarr_0.1-52_powerpc.changes Processing of libclass-multimethods-perl_1.70-2_powerpc.changes Processing of libclass-multimethods-perl_1.70-3_powerpc.changes Processing of libctk_3.0.24.5_powerpc.changes Processing of libctk_3.0.24.6_powerpc.changes Processing of libofx_0.6.6-2_powerpc.changes Processing of libquantum-entanglement-perl_0.25-2_powerpc.changes Processing of libquantum-entanglement-perl_0.25-3_powerpc.changes Processing of libquantum-superpositions-perl_1.03-2_powerpc.changes Processing of libquantum-superpositions-perl_1.03-3_powerpc.changes Processing of lush_1.0+cvs.2004.05.15_powerpc.changes Processing of lush_1.0+cvs.2004.05.16_powerpc.changes Processing of macrosystem_0.51-5_powerpc.changes Processing of macrosystem_0.51-6_powerpc.changes Processing of masqdialer_0.5.5-8_powerpc.changes Processing of mmake_2.2.1-4_i386.changes Processing of mmake_2.2.1-5_powerpc.changes Processing of mmenu_0.8.2-3_powerpc.changes Processing of newspost_2.1.1-1_powerpc.changes Processing of newspost_2.1-2_powerpc.changes Processing of nfs-user-server_2.2beta47-18_powerpc.changes Processing of noteedit_2.7.1-2_i386.changes Processing of noteedit_2.7.1-2_sparc.changes Processing of opendb_0.62p6-2_powerpc.changes Processing of ppxp_0.2001080415-10_i386.changes Processing of ppxp_0.2001080415-10_powerpc.changes Processing of preferences_1.2.100-2_powerpc.changes Processing of python-bsddb3_3.3.0-6_i386.changes Processing of python-xlib_0.12-4_powerpc.changes Processing of raidtools_0.42-38_powerpc.changes Processing of raidtools_0.42-39_powerpc.changes Processing of regexx_0.98.1-10_powerpc.changes Processing of sced_1.03-2_i386.changes Processing of selectwm_0.3-3_powerpc.changes Processing of shx_0.1.49-2_powerpc.changes Processing of simplecdrx_1.3.2-2_powerpc.changes Processing of slides_1.0.1-1_powerpc.changes Processing of slides_1.0.1-2_powerpc.changes Processing of slides_1.0.1-3_powerpc.changes Processing of snacc_1.3bbn-6_i386.changes Processing of splay_0.9.5.2-5_powerpc.changes Processing of twin_0.4.0-7_powerpc.changes Processing of ucbmpeg_1r2-10_i386.changes Processing of wmapm_3.1.0-9_i386.changes Processing of xkbd_0.8.5-2_powerpc.changes Processing of xstroke_0.5.12-ma5-3_powerpc.changes Processing of xwave_0.6+2-10_powerpc.changes The last update was on 17:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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