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Bug#151319: xkbd doesn't work with sawfish

> As an ipaq user, I know that xkbd isn't really intended for normal
> window managers, but I actually have a real need for it on a real WM on
> x86 architecture so I'm reporting this as a bug. 
> xkbd under sawfish-gnome doesn't do a darn thing.  It
> puts up its keyboard window but clicks on the keys don't send keypresses
> to the focus window.  If focus is set to click-to-focus, xkbd's window
> actually takes focus when you click on a key. 

On current xkbd (0.8.5-2) and sawfish (1:1.3+cvs20040617-6), xkdb
works fine for me.  Can you see if it still fails for you, and let me
know so I can either work on the bug further or close it?

Many thanks.

Thomas (for the Debian QA team)

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