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Bug#243501: [Lush-devel] Status of lush ia64 bug

Leon Bottou <leonb@bottou.org> writes:

> Kevin told me about a failure to build on certain mips machines.
> I was not able to fix it for lack of such a machine.
> I was not aware of an IA64 failure.

It builds fine on mips and mipsel; it fails on ia64.

The mips build log is at

The mipsel build log is at 


The failing ia64 build log is at:


You can review the previous discussion at 


> Can you give me a pointer to the failure page in the debian build system?
> In order to fix it, I could use a temporary access to an IA64 machine.
> Is this something you can arrange with the debian people?

I believe it is possible.   

> Kevin found simpler to maintain the debian directory inside the lush cvs.
> It would be easy for us to give you write access as well.
> It would also be easy for us to simply remove this directory from cvs.
> Your choice will be ours.

Well, it's entirely up to you, but QA is a disconnected group of
people, and so keeping an off-Debian record makes things much harder.
So my suggestion is to remove the current directory.  A future real
maintainer may well find it helpful again; I cannot say.


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