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Bug#261829: package is unusable in its current state

severity 261829 important

I think you're overstating the problems with this package.

Yes, it's a mess, and I'm trying to clean it up before
uploading a new version, but it's not unusable.

I'm planning some major revisions to this package to make it a lot
easier to use.  Some of the comments you made may no longer be relevant.

> There seems to be an inconsistency in the naming scheme. Sometimes
> configs are taken from the master from /etc/diskless-host (which does not
> exist) and in some version from /etc/diskless-image... on the client
> only diskless-image is checked in /sbin/init , so booting a client fails.

I'm not following you here.  These files are used for different
purposes.  Why does booting a client fail?  I have not trouble booting
a client.

> only the /etc 
> filesystem gets mounted all the rest (/dev /var /tmp) the client is 
> supposed to deal with via the init.orig , i.e.
> /etc/init.d/rcS -> /etc/rcS.d/S35mountall

Actually it's mounted by mountnfs.sh, not mountall.

> Also if the /etc/diskless-image/config does not exist or
> the system cannot mount any /var /dev /tmp scripts for a client the system
> should wait some minutes and then halt instead of go on booting...

Yes, I think so too.


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