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Bug#255955: Clarification of

Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com> writes:

> My original bug was that debian/copyright didn't actually include the
> following (I was auditing packages for something wolse when I ran
> across this.)
>    COPYRIGHT GNUGPL (c) 1998-2001 Jan-Henrik Haukeland <hauk@tildeslash.com>
>    Redistribution and use with or without modification, are permitted
>    provided that the above copyright notice can be reproduced. Please see
>    the enclosed GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE file for complete details.
> The above should read something like the following:
>    Copyright 1998-2001 Jan-Henrik Haukeland <hauk@tildeslash.com>
>    This file is part of mmake, and is released under the terms of the
>    GPL version 2, or any later version, at your option. See the file
>    README and COPYING for more information.
> if this is actually licensed under the GPL.

Oh, and what is particularly important: the license needs to be very
clear just what files it applies to.

The normal way to do that is to put this text at the front of every
file, right next to the copyright notice.  Or, if it is carried in a
different file, then that file needs to name or otherwise identify
exactly which files are covered by the license.


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