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Bug#263200: Cannot setup tftp/pxe server for i386 and alpha

Package: tftpd tftpd-hpa atftpd
Severity: normal

-- System information:
distribution: testing
architecture: i686
kernel: 2.4.24 own build

I'd like to set up a DHCP/BOOTP/TFTP server on a i686 machine, to serve
both alpha netboot requests (Compaq XP1000) and i386 PXE requests (AMD
machine, WD network card, etherboot-5.3.8 compiled from sf).
Unfortunately, currently there seems to be no tftpd which can do both.

tftpd-hpa cannot serve the alpha.
tftpd can, but fails to do PXE.
atftpd does PXE perfectly, but with the default settings (vsize active)
it cannot serve the alpha.
I installed joeyh's pxeboot tgz of Aug 1.

Installing the pxe package and starting the daemon doesn't make a

Since the server is supposed to provide d-i install services and a local
mirror to more than one platform, a solution is needed.

I'm willing to provide more information. 

Thanks for your help,
 Steffen Grunewald
Steffen Grunewald * * * Merlin cluster admin (http://pandora.aei.mpg.de)
Albert-Einstein-Institut (MPI Gravitationsphysik, http://www.aei.mpg.de)
       Science Park Golm, Am Mühlenberg 1, 14476 Potsdam, Germany
e-mail: steffen.grunewald(*)aei.mpg.de * +49-331-567-{fon:7233,fax:7298}

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