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Bug#128058: guppi-gnumeric crashes

> Package: libguppi15
> Version: 0.40.2-7
> Severity: important
> On debian ppc sid, I find that guppi-gnumeric crashes when
> I try to do the following.
> 1) run gnumeric
> 2) enter two columns of three rows of numbers (1,2,3 and 2,4,6)
> 3) select these six cells
> 4) click on the graph icon in the gnumeric toolbar
> On my machine I get an alert that guppi-gnumeric has suffered a
> segment fault. Has guppi ever actually worked within gnumeric
> in recent history in sid?

I am unable to reproduce this problem in the latest gnumeric (1.2.13)
using libguppi16.  Does the bug still happen for you?  If not, please
let me know and I can close the bug report.

Thomas (for the Debian QA team)

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