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Bug#240992: This is a feature request rather than a bug...

severity 240992 normal

Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> writes:

> I might be mistaken, but isn't it so that currently, if you accidently
> have libktoblzcheck1-dev installed, the resulted binary is linked
> against it, and otherwise, it isn't?
> Then, isn't it true that this package either
> 1) needs to build-depends on libktoblzcheck1-dev
> 2) needs to build-conflicts on libktoblzcheck1-dev
> 3) needs to be ./configured to not link to libktoblzcheck1-dev, whether
>    it's available or not?

Yes, I believe you are correct.  Number (2) is a foolish idea; the
package should either use the library, and adopt (1), or it should
not, and use (3).

That means that a maybe-yes-maybe-no is inconsistent and a bug in the
package.  So since I'm the new maintainer, I'm bumping it back up to
normal severity.


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