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Bug#177535: Suggestions for resolution of 177535

retitle 177535 Clarify description and add package suggestions


I suggest to change
 [GnuCash description]
 This package adds support for hbci, a home banking standard used in


Description: HBCI (Homebanking Computer Interface) module for GnuCash
  This GnuCash addon provides access to HBCI homebanking functionality
  integrated into the GnuCash accounting framework.
  HBCI is a protocol supported by many German Banks.
  [Maybe a gnucash description here]

In addition, I propose adding

Suggests: libopenhbci-plugin-ddvcard, chipcard-tools

for the package gnucash-hbci.
Rationale: Many, but not all, users will need these packages in order to
access the chipcards used for user identification.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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