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"Win" key in KDE [Semi-OT]: Amarok opens UDP socket Add Printer -- No Backend Available ALSA Installation on a Alu Powerbook Re: Arts, network transparency, nas. artsd-1.3.0 and thus libqt3-3.3.3 in testing Back in Konqueror broken Background of icons in KDE 3.2.2 bookmarks toolbar and profiles in konqueror broken building kde deb ClamAV and KMail copy window costumize Customize possition of icons on the desktop dcop and NIS/NFS Debian bug #271995 -- kjscmd does not start debian sid kde3.3 problem with some mp3 files Dependency Problems -- Take II Footnotes (not really but I do not know how this thing is named) in Kword Frozen bubble problem solved How to update kde 2,2,2 to kde 3.3.0 Howto load i18n? Installing kde apps in a user directory KDE 2.3.2, KDE 3.3, Blender 2.34 == Trouble??? KDE 3.3 logout crashes Linux because of arts sound server Re: KDE 3.3 logout crashes my system KDE Logout Hang because realtime artsd: a followup KDE packages missing in Sarge Re: kde sound logoff crash workaround kdm does not start session: solved KFilterBase::findFilterByExtension Re: Kget crashes in unstable Re: kile and spell checking kjcmd in sarge doesn't start Re: KMail 1.7 (KDE 3.3) jumps to first unread message KMail 1.7 with S/MIME support? KMail 3.3 + S/MIME : some tips Kmail logging kmail sid version bug? Konqueror 3.3, Icon View mode in Filemanager Konqueror, KMail Help Konqueror: window is resized on switching tabs Re: Konsole bug? Konsole crashing konsole only shows few fonts RE: krdc requires rdesktop 1.3.2, but only rdesktop 1.3.1 is avai lable krdc requires rdesktop 1.3.2, but only rdesktop 1.3.1 is available Krusader 1.40 for sarge Krypto Modules (for Kmail) Lots debian packages (wine, zapping, gst-plugins0.8, Qcad, etc.) can't enter to Sarge because of arts :( Menus are screwed up (double entrys or "No text!") Messaggio cancellato Middle-clicking doesn't start new message perculiar performance problem Re: possible solution (was Re: Keyboard not working in KDM sometimes) Problem installing Windows 2000 in Bochs Re: Problem with kmail and imap (kdepim-kio-plugins not installed) Problem with new kdelibs in sid Re: Problem with new kdelibs in sid : SOLVED Reconfiguring a KDE Menu RFS: kubication -- KDE network configuration selector Sarge/DAC960/grub Re: Screwed up toolbars and menus security of KDE 3.2 in testing/sarge Re: servicemenu not recognized Shrinking kvim SMB4k works, KDE Printer Scanner fails? sound error when kde starts Re: Strange behaviour of kmail's mail folders (KDE 3.3.0) System Backup? Re: systray spacing bug unsubscribe upgrading kdelibs4 UTF8 an KDE in debian sid? visita XIM support broken again? The last update was on 10:24 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 196 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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