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KMail 1.7 with S/MIME support?


Does anybody on the list have a working installation of KMail 1.7 (KDE 3.3)
with S/MIME support? The tutorial "Using OpenPGP and PGP/MIME with KMail >=
1.7" on kmail.kde.org helped me configuring PGP/MIME, but not S/MIME.

I did some research on the web and tried to install all necessary packages
(see for instance Jean-Damien Durands howto at jdurand.home.cern.ch). I'm
using sarge with KDE3.3 from sid and some experimental packages (libksba8,
linksba-dev, dirmngr) and compiled gnupg-1.9.10 from the sources.

However, any rescan in KMails configuration page for crypto backends results
in the error "While scanning for S/MIME support in backend GpgME: GPGME was
compiled without support for S/MIME." Judging from a google search, this
could either mean that liggpgme packages in debian sarge were compiled
without S/MIME support, or that KDEPIM/KMail  was compiled without support,
or perhaps any other package lacks the support ...

Any help is appreciated!

Clemens Bergmann
Schwertlilienweg 14
68259 Mannheim


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