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Re: perculiar performance problem

El Miércoles 15 Septiembre 2004 19:51, Linus McCabe escribió:
> Hello!
> Thanks for taking the time to test and compare your box!
> How does the qt menus on your debian box 'feel'. How do they compare to a
> gtk application? On my box, they're so slow it's really gets in your way
> when working...
With some styles there is a little bit flickering. But I should not say slow. 

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And it is packaged by the developer (me). Run to get it before everyone does.

> > The unique thing I can tell you is to install libc6-686 and the apropiate
> > kernel package.
> This was a great tip, and though it didnt help with the menu-performance,
> I'm sure it's doing good in other ways!
Well, I forgot to say you may have a trouble with that machine, It's not 
logical it runs so slow. Sometimes kde gets bloated (????), try to start a 
session with a new user, and move away ~/.kde/share/config/sessions.

> > Only my "passion" for Debian mantains me with it, and the hope one day it
> > will be compiled for 586 :(
Yesterday was not my day :( Nobody impedes to make a 686 Debian version, or 
compiling it myself.

> I've heard different figures/opinions on how much 686 optimizations
> actually do, but why isn't it just considered a different architecture with
To have all for 686 may be not result in great performance boost. But it is 
logical you are going to win with optimized libc6/libm, xlibs, kdelibs and 
may be other as libpng or freetype. This weekend xperf and apt-build are 
going to work.

> all packages available in both 386 and 686 versions? (just like theres
> alpha and ppc...)
Ask buildd and mirrors if to have more work, space and bandwith is fine.

> /Linus

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