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Re: KMail 1.7 (KDE 3.3) jumps to first unread message

Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
On Monday 30 August 2004 16:39, Ralph Alvy wrote:

And I can't get it to jump to the first unread message (in IMAP
folders) at all :-)

Hmmm...I have IMAP folders and I can't get it *not* to do that!

For me it works as before. It jumps to the first unread message from the top of the list when the setting "jump to first unread message" is enabled in the misc. settings. If it is not set, it jumps to the same message it was on when you left the folder last time.

Please bear in mind that this functionallity is broken with certain folder sorting methods, and always has been.

My folder settings haven't changed, but this problem was introduced when I upgraded to 3.3

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