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kdm does not start session: solved

I solved this myself, but I'd like this to be published and indexed by search 
engines (so let's give some words for them: debian sid kdm 3.3.0 kde 3.3 
reset login :)

KDM debian 3.3.0 did not log in any user, after typing the password reseted 
the X server. Investigating I found in ~/.xsession-errors something like

bash: Xsession line 59: horizontal-scroll-mode not found

I went a little deep further and found that when sourcing /etc/profile this 
sourced /etc/language-user-euro-es (I'm spanish, sorry my english) and this 
had the following lines:

set meta-flag on
set output-meta on
set convert-meta off
set horizontal-scroll-mode on

When I comented the last one of these the failed with the convert-meta, 
comenting all of then solved the problem. The cuestion are

-What are the reason for these errors, and
-These lines are there 1 year (?) ago and I always use kdm (from 3-1 to now 
3.3.0), then, why now fails?

Any tip???

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