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Re: KDE packages missing in Sarge

On Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 17:12, Hannes Kuhnert wrote:
> Since Tuesday some KDE packages aren't anymore contained in Sarge.
> Some Examples:
> kwrite
> kdegraphics
>  kuickshow
>  kpdf
>  kviewshell
>  ^ don't know the exact name
> Has anyone else noticed it? I think that's a bug.
> Hannes

/usr/bin/kwrite is part of the kate package. I am tracking Unstable, and 
I have daily records of available upgrades since March. There is no 
record of a kwrite package in that time (and I have and have had the 
kwrite binary as long as I can remember), so I doubt it has been a 
package of its own any time recently.

kdegraphics was apparently removed "as part of the tiff/libexif 
transition" according to 
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=268966 (it's always 
good to check the BTS before asking about a suspected bug), but I don't 
know the details. I am sure searching through the other mailing lists 
might clue you in, if you're curious. Anyway, as the report states, NMU 
(Non-Maintainer Upload) packages should be finding their way into Sarge 
any time now, if they haven't already. Probably attributable to frantic 
work to get Sarge out.

Alex Nordstrom
Please do not CC me in followups; I am subscribed to debian-kde.

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