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Re: ClamAV and KMail

Am Mittwoch, 15. September 2004 20:13 schrieb Roland Wegmann:
> Does somebody of you know a howto about the combination ClamAV and KMail?

Easiest way: Use KMail 1.7 from KDE 3.3.0 - It has an anti-virus and an 
anti-spam assistant in the "extras" menu ;)
The only bad thing is, KMail's user interface blocks during spam and virus 
checking, which can make the gui unresponsible for minutes when checking your 
mail on mornings...

If you can't use KMail 1.7:


clamfilter.pl is a script for piping like you do with Spamassassin. It writes 
into the header. If you set up Spamassassin by hand, you can surely do the 
same with clamfilter.pl.

By the way, the web page explains how to use procmail with Spamassassin and 
clamav, so you can do it with fetchmail. That way, at least the user 
interface always responds. The blocking is extremely unnerving when composing 
mails ;)


Thomas Ritter

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