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debian sid kde3.3 problem with some mp3 files

i'm using kde3.3 from debian sid.
KDE has problems to play some of my mp3 files.
If i start an kde player with these files the player stops playing
immediately after pressed the 'play-button'. Konqueror preview, kaboodle,
noatun, juk, amarok, artsplay have all the same problem. Programs which
doesn't use arts like rhythmbox (esd) or xmms (alsa plugin) can play these
mp3 files. Therefor i think the problem is arts. The only program that
gave me an error message was amarok:

amarok: [engine] Playing: file.mp3
amarok: [void EngineController::slotMainTimer()] Idle detected. Skipping track.
amarok: [virtual void ArtsEngine::stop()]

Does someone else have the same problem with some mp3 files?
or does someone has a solution for this problem or any hint for me?


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