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Re: Problem with new kdelibs in sid

On Monday 27 September 2004 12:00 pm, Andrea Cavaliero wrote:
> Hi,
> after last two 'apt-get dist-upgrade', who installed new kdelibs version
> (3.3.0-2) some programs have a strange crash.
> For example k3b reports the following error when starting:
> (snip)
> Also, on a fresh kde install kpersonalizer and kalarm both crash.
> anyone else experiencing the same problem?
Running sarge with KDE packages from sid. Upgraded to the most recent kdelibs 
et al last night. No problems.

I thought it might be a QT problem, since it died in QSpinBox in the backtrace 
you provided. I'm running the version of QT that's in sid, too, though.

I see that libstdc++5 had a new version uploaded to unstable yesterday. 
Perhaps that's your problem; I'm using the sid version of every other package 
I can see in that backtrace.

For reference, I'm running:

libstdc++5 1:3.3.4-6sarge1.2
libqt3c102-mt 3:3.3.3-4.1
kdelibs* 4:3.3.0-2
libc6 & libc6-i686 2.3.2.ds1-16

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