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Re: Problem with kmail and imap (kdepim-kio-plugins not installed)

* Alex Nordstrom [Mon, 06 Sep 2004 13:06:28 +0800]:

> My desire to have kdepim-kio-plugins included as a dependency of KMail 
> is, I believe, no more nor any less valid from a policy point of view 
> than the opinion that it should be kept as a recommends.

  I agree, and if I were to make the decision I'd include it in the
  Depends field, at least until the strong relation Recommends implies
  "makes into the userbase".

  on the other hand, Daniel's reasoning is also valid, and it's his
  responsibility to do what he considers best. I regard the
  blurb-in-description option as a good compromise:

* Daniel Schepler [Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:36:07 -0700]:

> Maybe I could add a blurb to the kmail description, though, that
> explains "To get mail from an IMAP server using kmail, you need to
> install kdepim-kio-plugins, and to get mail from a POP server, you
> need to install kdebase-kio-plugins".



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