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Re: UTF8 an KDE in debian sid?

Am Dienstag, 28. September 2004 15:47 schrieb Jan-Hendrik Palic:
> $cat .kde/env/locale.sh
> export LANG="de_DE.UTF-8"
> export LC_CTYPE="de_DE.UTF-8"
> export LC_ALL="de_DE.UTF-8"
> export LC_MESSAGES="en_GB.UTF-8"

Those settings are non-sense:
LC_CTYPE is already defined by LANG
LC_COLLATE better be "C"

export LANG="de_DE.UTF-8"
export LC_COLLATE="C"
export LC_MESSAGES="en_GB.UTF-8"

Verify those values with "locale". If you have a @euro locale, you should use 
it (defines correct currency).
Maybe leave LC_MESSAGES undefined for testing and see if that enables the 
german umlauts.


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