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Re: artsd-1.3.0 and thus libqt3-3.3.3 in testing

On Friday 24 September 2004 12:30 pm, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> Hi,
> does the new version actually works reliable with the old KDE-3.2.3?
> This also pulls in new libqt3-3.3.3. Was this actually tested against
> KDE-3.2.2? I actually remember changes of libqt where some thing started
> to behave strange.
> How comes that such changes are in Sarge although it _might_ mess up KDE,
> there?
> Or is this all well tested and I should upgrade with a smile?
> HS

I'm running sid, but I have held off updating KDE to 3.3 until all packages 
are available (which it sounds like will be in a couple of days).  I have 
upgraded qt to 3.3.3, though.  So, I have been running KDE 3.2.3, qt 3.3.3, 
and arts 1.2.3 for about a month now with no problems.

So, I can answer your question for qt, but not for arts.


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