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Re: ClamAV and KMail

I don't know of such a howto, but i can recommend you to check out the 
'mailscanner' debian package. It has virusscanning and spamfilter and will 
work for all users on your system, regardless of mailclient... 

(btw, didnt someone just ask you not to crosspost)


On Wednesday 15 September 2004 20.13, Roland Wegmann wrote:
> Hi
> Does somebody of you know a howto about the combination ClamAV and KMail?
> I have managed to filter spam using bogofilter using the filter action
> 'pipe through'. Can I do the same thing with ClamAV ? Or is there even a
> simpler way / tool to combine KMail and ClamAV?
> I use KMail as a Client in order to download Emails from a POP3 account and
> I will check incoming emails with clamav.
> BTW: When I installed clamav-freshclam I have chosen the corn job in order
> to update the virus database; but now I will chance this setup. Can I do
> that with dpkg-reconfigure ...
> Kind regards, Roland

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