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Re: KMail 1.7 with S/MIME support?

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for your hint! As I had already installed gpgsm (compiled from
the gnupg-1.9.10 sources), I thought I should try compiling libgpgme11
on my system instead of installing the debian binary package. I fetched
the debian sources, built the packages libgpgme11 and libgpgme11-dev and
installed them through dpkg - SUCCESS!

At least the configuration of the GPGME S/MIME backend in KMail is no
longer grayed out. Anyway, it will take some time to test the S/MIME
signing and encryption thoroughly, and I will report my mileage later.


Clemens Bergmann
Schwertlilienweg 14
68259 Mannheim


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