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Re: kdm does not start session: solved

* Matías Costa [Fri, 03 Sep 2004 00:00:11 +0200]:

> I went a little deep further and found that when sourcing /etc/profile this 
> sourced /etc/language-user-euro-es (I'm spanish, sorry my english) and this 
> had the following lines:

> set meta-flag on
> set output-meta on
> set convert-meta off
> set horizontal-scroll-mode on

> When I comented the last one of these the failed with the convert-meta, 
> comenting all of then solved the problem. The cuestion are

> -What are the reason for these errors, and

  that sourcing the file language-user-euro-es from /etc/profile is
  bogus. those "set foo on" directives are for readline, not for your
  shell. you want them in /etc/inputrc.

> -These lines are there 1 year (?) ago and I always use kdm (from 3-1 to now 
> 3.3.0), then, why now fails?

  because previously kdm didn't read /etc/profile and now it does.

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