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Re: Howto load i18n?

Am Samstag, 11. September 2004 22:47 schrieb Anousak:
> I recently installed the latest Debian in Vmware as guest os. It works like
> a charm. I really like it. But there couple of issues I have to deal with.
> Hoping you can help me out.  I have all Lao (KDE) mo files located under
> /usr/share/locale/lo/mo*. In Control Center, I changed language to Lao then
> select Lao OT fonts for Menu under Appearance and Themes. Nothing happens.
> Though I try to shutdown the KDE apps and start them, but still nothing
> happens. How do you load any other languages in Debian? What are steps I
> need to accomplish this? I recall a friend saying that Debian is much more
> friendly then others in terms of internationalization.I recall that was how
> I loaded Lao under Mandrake. Thanks for your help in advance.

At least my system doesn't know about a kde-i18n-lo package, so maybe you need 
to get the necessary files from http://i18n.kde.org/teams/index.php?a=i&t=lo 
first (looks like only for KDE-3.3 or later).
The directory for the .mo files is NOT /usr/share/locale/lo/*.mo 
but /usr/share/locale/lo/LC_MESSAGES/*.mo


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