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Re: Re: kde sound logoff crash workaround

Jason said:

"I recently installed kde 3.3 from sid and have had a couple of strange
problems. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.

Biggest problem.
Every time I logout of kde, my system completely locks up. I have tried
launching KDE from gdm, or from just a console and had the same result.
After confirming that I want to logout, the screen goes blank, but a
mouse pointer is still visible, but unresponsive. The system does not
respond to keyboard input such as ctrl-alt-F1, ctrl-alt-backspace or
ctrl-alt-del. Furthermore, I cannot ssh to the box from another
computer. The system must be rebooted to resolve the situation. "

I had this exact same problem on four different desktops at work. Couldn't even ssh in to any of the computers. I traced it to the KDE sound system. In the Control Center -> Sound System -> General (tab) unselect the option "Run with the highest posibile priority". I left selected; "Enable the Sound System, Enable Networked Sound and Auto Suspend". No more lockups. Worked on all four systems running kde 3.3.


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